How do I sign up?

Visit the Join Page for more info, and then fill out the application here.

Where does the membership dues go?

The membership fees go towards the following:

  • Lease from the NY/NJ Port Authority
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance, trash bags, water filters
  • Fixtures, shelter
  • Furniture, bench, tables, chairs
  • Repairs (fencing, gate, keys, locksmith)
  • New gravel
  • Plants
  • Bricks

Who runs the dog run?

The run is currently run by Tim Ousey and anyone he can manage to get to volunteer with time or money.

What can I do to help?

Follow the rules, and clean up after yourselves. Also additional donations are welcome!

The dog run is a non-profit and all proceeds go back into improving the run for you and your pups.